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Colinde Şi Poveşti De Crăciun

  • Release date: December 20, 2010
  • Label: Soft Records
  • Catalog #: SFTA-030-2


1 Prolog 2:45
2 La Casa Cu Măr Rotat 2:26
3 Seara De Crăciun 2:47
4 Leagănă-te Legănel 5:25
5 Vis Cu fulgi 3:38
6 Dorinţe De Crăciun 4:13
7 Crăciun, Crăciun – Zurgălăi 3:54
8 Ningea 4:56
9 Cine Are Brad în Casă 2:37
10 Nu E Crăciun Fără Tine 3:05
11 Crăciun – Epilog 4:43

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Put together all the colors that you know and dip into them the words that you’ve always heard and loved to hear them, too, then place them nicely, not on paper, not on canvas, not on asphalt, but on the ears of the people you love, without even knowing who they are. Then pick, drop by drop, every bit of happiness that your work brought with it and plant it carefully, not in the ground, but in a music album.

That’s about what Pedro Negrescu and Luiza Zan did with the seed of their album, Like water. One can find fragments of various kinds of music, in several languages spoken hereabout and elsewhere. Homogenous in interpretation, one which is free and sincere, this album cannot be placed within a music genre just like that. The two musicians opened their souls and their ears to each other and played in front of a not so numerous audience (because this album is the recording of a live performance that took place in the former Art Jazz Club in Bucharest) a warm and passionate dialogue on themes such as “time”, “earth”, “roots”, “water” or “love”.

It’s about all of these and, at the same time, there is enough space for every listener to bring their own input to the sound landscape which reveals itself, song by song. Many of the songs are re-invented jazz standards, but the two musicians play in a free-form, open structure manner, choosing wisely based on the frame instinct and the interplay between the two. An album full of life, free and played with mastery by the double bass player/composer/conductor and versatile instrumentalist Pedro Negrescu and the warm, calm and vividly colored voice of Luiza Zan.




  • Design – Ioana Pârvan
  • Guitar, Mastered By – Sorin Romanescu
  • Vocals, Lyrics By – Luiza Zan